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Surviving and Thriving

in a Changing World

At the Earth School, we believe living in harmony with our environment promotes health and sustainability for ourselves and all the life that surrounds us. Awareness opens options that offer up opportunity and potential for a greater life. We are living in a time of great change. The greater our awareness, the greater the opportunity to heal all that lies before us. We are each capable of making a difference in this life, not only in our own life but in the greater whole.

The Earth School is for anyone who lives in the natural world and believes knowing more could enrich their lives, improve their health, and bring them joy.

We offer classes designed to strengthen health and well being in the areas of Herbalism, Gardening, Cooking and so much more.

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Herb Walks


Village Herb Strolls



Taught by herbalists Stephinie Miner and Beth Record


Medicinal Gardening

Take your health into

your own hands

Cambridge, New York
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