Classes & Workshops


The Human Energy System

We meet once a month, working our way up through the Human Energy Field to deepen awareness into this amazing system that keeps us in form and upright. It's a worth while journey into yourself. 

Dates TBD


Herb Walk

A slow and easy stroll along the village side streets, identifying common plants along with their medicinal value and edibility.

Cost: $10

(Kids under 18 free)

Location: Village of Cambridge, NY

Dates TBD


Medicinal Gardening

Class 1: Exploration of your personal health & herbs for various conditions

Class 2: Proper harvesting and storing techniques

Class 3: Medicine making

Cost: $35 per class/$105 for course

*Additional supply fee applicable for Class 3

Dates TBD


Supporting Cognitive Function

Explore herbs, supplements and foods that support mental function as we age.

Dates TBD


Herbs to Quell Anxiety

Most people, whether conscious of it or not, begin to feel anxious as the light fades and we head into the colder months. Come and  learn about herbs, supplements and foods to help quell anxiety.

Dates TBD