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Classes & Courses

Reconnect & Thrive

Feeling stressed and ungrounded in a changing world?


Join myself and  Stefinie Miner, local herbalist and medicine maker, in this summer course to

deeply reconnect yourself to community, the Earth and your sense of Purpose in this time. 

This course includes lecture, discussion and a lot of hands-on learning and creating.

Topics include:

Stress - signs, symptoms and strategies

Grounding thru Sense of Place 

Plant walks

Plant ID of local medicinal plants

Proper harvesting, drying and storage techniques

Herbal medicine making

Food as Medicine

Human and Plant Energetics

Learning to create personal formulas for stress, sleep and other support

Exploring our inner and outer worlds to reconnect ourselves to the Earth with purpose

When: June-October 9am-4:30

The second Sunday of each month:

   June 12       Sept 11

   July 10        Oct 9

   Aug 14


Cost: $540 and includes all medicine making and art  supplies. Payment plan available.

Contact Stefinie at

or me at if you have further questions.


Medicinal Gardening

Class 1: Exploration of your personal health & herbs for various conditions

Class 2: Proper harvesting and storing techniques

Class 3: Medicine making


Cost: $35 per class/$105 for course

*Additional supply fee applicable for Class 3

Dates TBD


Supporting Cognitive Function

Explore herbs, supplements and foods that support mental function as we age.

Dates TBD


Herbs to Quell Anxiety

Most people, whether conscious of it or not, begin to feel anxious as the light fades and we head into the colder months. Come and  learn about herbs, supplements and foods to help quell anxiety.

Dates TBD


The Human Energy System

We meet once a month, working our way up through the Human Energy Field to deepen awareness into this amazing system that keeps us in form and upright. It's a worth while journey into yourself. 

Dates TBD

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